2. Eglwys Crist y Brenin - Church of Christ the King, Malltraeth

Unusual Crucifix


Number two on the trail is the tiny whitewashed church of Eglwys Crist y Brenin, hidden away just off the main road through the village of Malltraeth.

To find it involves experiencing one of Anglesey's most spectacular views down the length of the Malltraeth Sands.
Taking the time to come inside it is to experience one of Anglesey's warmest and most homely of churches.
A modest treasure.

A Visit

Park your car in the small car park just off the road and take a moment to enjoy the views down the Malltraeth sands, truly stunning. To your right is a small lane that leads few yards to the church itself.
exterior of crist y breninAt first site it doesn't look too exciting, it's plain whitewash and squat, oddly sphinx-like shape betray its history as a mission hall. Stepping through its heavy wooden door though brings you into room that is both beautiful in its simplicity, and endearing in its human warmth.

The unadorned plain white walls and plain frosted glass windows serve only to accentuate the church's small touches of decoration.
Immediately striking is the cross above the altar. The African features of the black Christ look entirely at home in this setting. The neat rows of seating face an altar elegant in its simplicity.

biblesThe real 'story' of this church though is in its details, all of which point to a church that is at the heart of its community and is truly valued by its users. Stacks of well used childrens bibles vie for shelf space with hymn books and collection plates, heating is provided by exactly the sort of portable heaters that we use at home and music is provided by an organ and just the sort of cassette player we use. This is a 'people place'. Everything from its spotless carpet to its freshly ironed alter cloth speaks of a place that both loved and cared for.

kneelerIf further evidence were needed of this, the realisation that the kneeler at the altar rail has been meticulously hand-knotted will do it.

Crist y Brenin doesn't have the grand statuary, marble and polished brasses of some of our better known churches. What it does have is a moving warmth, humility and a quiet, affecting atmosphere all of its own that does huge credit to its parishioners.

Some views of Eglwys Crist y Brenin, click on each for the full size picture

the altar
The Cross
The View Through The Door
The Exterior
Crist y Brenin



NGR: SH 406 688: Just off the main A4080 through the village of Malltraeth. A small car park is available just adjacent to the church.

Access: The key is available from the warden who lives a few hundred metres away on a local housing estate. The phone number is posted in the porch.
Wheelchair access: Easy, although care should be taken with the door as it is quite heavy.
Service Times: Monthly, the list is posted in the porch.
Local Amenities: Malltraeth has two pubs, a busy village shop and a (very good!) takeaway.

While you're in the area:

bryn celli dduAnglesey has many prehistoric sites, though few are as dramatic as the burial chamber at Bryn Celli Ddu near Llanddaniel.
Reached via the bird-watchers haven of Newborough forest, Llanddwyn Island llanddwyn islandwas the site of a 5th century convent founded by St. Dwynwen, the 'Welsh St. Valentine'. The site also featured in the film 'Half Light', starring Demi Moore.

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