The Island of Saints and Princes

Anglesey has a splendid story to tell. To visit the island is to walk among thousands of years of history, contained not in a museum, 1647 date stonebut in a vital and vibrant environment where people spend their daily lives surrounded by, and still working with, their own history.

As the heart of the small communities that make up the island are its churches. The church has always been the place where birth, marriage and death are marked. In more troubled times they were a place of refuge: remember Anglesey was a frequent target of Viking raiders among others.

Tal y LlynThe result of hundreds of years of this development is that Anglesey has a rich treasury of historic churches. It was with this in mind that the Celtic Circle project was conceived. In 2007 two parishes in the south of the island joined together to form a joint heritage trail taking in ten of the islands most historic, most important and, frequently, most beautiful churches. All ten churches are located within easy driving distance of each other and each has its own unique story to tell.
St. Peulan
The Celtic Circle isn't just about visiting the churches though. It's about introducing both islanders and visitors alike to the the communities and eight centuries of history in which they have their place.

Welcome to the Celtic Circle!

With advance notice it may be possible to arrange for churches to be open for visitors and to arrange guides for parties.
Refreshments can also be arranged for parties.

For churches 1-4, call 01407 840190 ~ For churches 5-9, call 01407 810412 or 810448 or email HERE